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Monday, October 22, 2012

Ways To Get Paid To Advertise On Your Website

How can you get paid to advertise on your website?…
Any webmaster can display ads on his or her website. If you already are a website owner, your job is half done already. But if you don’t have a website yet, you will need to build one, so you can start getting paid to advertise on your site.
Once your site is ready and functioning, you can then start thinking about what kind of advertisement method you want to use to monetize your site with.
The most important thing to consider is your audience, you have to tailor to the needs of your audience. Make sure you go with a monetization method that the products it promotes, can actually help your audience.
Now, there are a few different ways in which you can make money by monetizing your blog or website. Here are some of the main methods webmasters and bloggers alike use to make money by advertising on their site.

Promote Affiliate Products

Join affiliate networks such as Commission Junction for free, then pick a few products and/or services that tailor to the needs of your audience, and display their ads on your site. You can also place your affiliate link inside your articles if you wish.
Whenever someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission. Of course, the commission is based on the actual value of the product and how much the merchant is willing to share with you. But you will know exactly how much each lead will generate for you, as soon as you opt to promote that specific product or service.
Top 10 Affiliate Networks To Use
Commission Junction
Amazon Associates
Google Affiliate Network
eBay Partner Network

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per click refers to ads that are displayed on your site by a 3rd party where every time someone clicks on one of the ads, you earn commission. Depending on the topic of your site, the ads displayed and the amount you get for each click, differs.
There are many PPC advertising companies that you could use to put ads on your site, but perhaps the most famous one is Google Adsense, which is also the easiest one to integrate into your site.
Simply insert a piece of code into your site, and Ad sense technology will automatically serve ads that are related to the content of your site. You get laser targeted ads being shown on your site, which means you get a much higher percentage of clicks, as ads are targeted to your specific audience.
Top 10 PPC Networks To Use
  1. Google Ad-sense
  2. Yahoo publisher Network
  3. Clicksor
  4. AdBrite
  5. Chitika
  6. Bidvertiser
  7. WidgetBucks
  8. Text-Link-Ads
  9. InfoLinks
  10. Advertise CPA Offers On Your Site

  11. CPA stands for cost per action, and that means when you display a CPA ad on your site, every time someone clicks on the ad, visits the advertiser’s site and takes a specific action outlined by the advertiser, such as registering for their free newsletter, opting in for their email list, installing a software or buying a product from them, you earn commission.
    The best part about CPA is that with most advertisers, your visitors don’t even have to spend any money in order for you to get paid, often all they have to do in order for you to get paid, is to simply opt for free stuff.
    I mean, it’s a lot easier to get someone to get something for free than it is to get them to buy something. That is why CPA is one of my personal favorite blog monetization methods.
    Top 10 CPA Networks To Use
  12. MaxBounty
  13. PantheraNetwork
  14. Neverblue
  15. CPAWay
  16. CPALead
  17. ClickBooth
  18. CXDigitalMedia
  19. iGain
  20. Affiliate Future
  21. Hydra Networks
  22. Few Site Monetization Tips

  23. Where you place your ads on the site matters and it matters a lot! You can find the best converting ad spot on your site by simply changing the position of your ad every few weeks or so. Once you find the highest earner out of all the possible spots on your site, place your most important ads there.
  24. The colors and even graphics of your ad (especially with Adsense) also makes a huge difference. So be sure to experiment with different colors.
  25. Do not over load your site with a whole bunch of ads. It will be distracting, and more importantly, it will annoy and eventually alienate your readers.

Of course, there are many other ways to put ads on your website, such as creating your own products and services and advertising them on your own site, but The above methods are the most popular blog monetization methods, and more over, they are the best choice for many beginners who don’t have lots of experience.
And so, although there are many other ways, if you are a beginner and wanting to get paid for advertising on your site, the above 3 methods are the best option you have got.

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